Episode 19 Something…

Does this sound familiar to you?

„Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue”.


Episode 18 To be on vacation or not to be?

What do you say when you are on vacation and you aren’t at the same time? It may sound strange. As always, Theresa is going to explain to you that such a situation can happen and how to call it.

Episode 17 Five Second Rule

As the holiday has just come Theresa chooses some light-hearted themes for you. Today „Five Second Rule” rules!

Episode 16 What did your dog say?

Today Theresa invited her dog for a lesson. That explains why the cat didn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you’re curious why the 16th episode is full of animals, just play it!

Episode 15 Good news for all the snowbirds!

The spring is coming which means that all the snowbirds should feel relief. Have you any doubts about the exact meaning of this word, Theresa will lend you a hand.

Episode 14 Fastnacht Day/ Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday /

What’s the reason why Theresa didn’t watch the Oscars yesterday? She spent all day in the kitchen making some ‚Fastnachts’. If you want to learn more, just enjoy the video with Miss English.


Episode 13 Be My Valentine!

If you haven’t started writing a Valentine, you still have a couple of hours. A piece of paper, a pen and an open heart should suffice. Just listen to Theresa’s recording and get inspired:-) Happy Valentine’s Day to all of Play on Words’ students and teachers!

Episode 12 Teepees and Tomahawks

In today’s episode Theresa is talking about the influence of the American Indians’ culture on English vocabulary. Do such or similar expressions exist also in your languages?

Episode 11 Alternative version of „Jingle bells”

Do “Jingle bells” and Batman have anything in common? Just listen to the alternative version of this popular Christmas song. We believe it will astonish you!

Episode 10 How to steal Christmas?

Christmas is coming! Not everyone likes it. Theresa is explaining how to call people with anti-Christmas spirit. Are you the Grinch?